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Castel, leading exporter of porcelain and sanitary ware; we have many factories located in China, a country internationally recognized for a excellent quality porcelain.
Through our seven distribution centers located in Spain, USA, Mexico, China, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica, and representatives in over thirty countries around the world, we have established ourselves in the international market recorded higher annual sales around eight million square meters of porcelain and three hundred and fifty thousand for sanitary.
Castel's ongoing investment in machinery and technology, allowing ensure to the consumers manufactured under strict international quality controls materials, Added to that, the product development together with Castel’s designs and standards, provide a variety options to our customers.
Castel ceramic contains unglazed polished tiles, glazed tiles; glaze polished tiles and wall tiles. All products are developed by the Castel Design Center in Spain, which ensures that all the Castel items will follow the tendency of fashion
Completed integration and unique design by Castel ceramic provides a package-solution for both home decoration and project construction.
Castel mas que un estilo